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Dynamic Physical Therapy : an outpatient orthopedic physical therapy clinic.

Pre-Surgical Programs


At least 230 million people will undergo a major surgical procedure each year.  Following a major surgery, a patient experiences a 20-40% reduction in physical function and a significant reduction in their quality of life. Prehabilitation or pre-surgery programs are exercise or treatment prior to surgery to reduce weakness and complications following surgery. The stress that a person endures during major surgery is similar to the stress your body experiences while running a marathon. Each patient should train for a surgery as they would when training to run a marathon.

There are several benefits of participating in a prehabilitation program. Studies have shown that surgical
patients who participate in a program prior to surgery experience:

- shorter recovery times

- reduced complications following surgery

- quicker restoration of functional status prior to surgery

The patient will also experience benefits prior to surgery including reduced anxiety prior to surgery and improved cardiovascular, respiratory and muscular conditioning. A patient’s success in a prehabilitation program hinges on 2 key factors. First, a personalized program which the physical therapist will develop following a detailed evaluation of range of motion, strength and functional status. The patient’s success is also reliant on regular support and contact with a provider which Dynamics' physical therapists provide each visit.

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