Why should I choose Dynamic Physical Therapy? 
Dynamic Physical Therapy provides direct one-on-one treatment between the patient and their Physical Therapist.  Our clinic's goal is to provide quality care, have consistency between sessions, and to provide an environment that promotes healing following an injury or surgery, both physically and psychologically.  We have a great team and we work together to progress you back to your desired level of function. 

Do I work with the same therapist every session? 
Yes! Once you start with a therapist you will stay with them the entire course of your care.  An exception would be if your therapist is on vacation and feels you would benefit from sessions with another PT during their absence. 

Do you have aides treat patients? 
No.  Our aides only assist with warm up and modality portions of sessions as directed by the physical therapist.  Your entire session will be with your PT.

How long are my sessions? 
Sessions can vary slightly depending on your tolerance to exercise and overall treatment needs, but in general most sessions are 40 minutes to an hour.

What do I wear to my PT visits? 

Please wear loose fitting clothing to allow your therapist access to the area they are treating.  Please wear appropriate footwear as well. 

What does my insurance cover? 
Insurance coverage varies by policy.  We make every effort to check insurance benefits prior to patients starting PT, however, this is never a guarantee of benefits.  We strongly recommend you also verify your benefits with your insurance company as it is your responsibility to know your own policy. 

How many times a week do you typically attend physical therapy?
The number of physical therapy sessions scheduled per week varies depending on the specific needs of each patient.  Your Physical Therapist will evaluate you and determine the frequency needs for your specific case.  For the majority of cases, patients attend physical therapy two times per week.  However, the frequency of sessions per week typically can vary between one visit to three visits per week.  

Can I come to physical therapy without a prescription?
Yes!  California is a direct access state and you are able to attend physical therapy directly without a referral.  However, there are some specific rules when it comes to attending physical therapy without a prescription.  These rules are listed below. 
1) Some insurances still require a prescription in order to get coverage through your insurance plan.  This can be determined by calling your insurance company and asking if a prescription/referral is required for physical therapy services for your specific insurance plan. 
2) Medicare allows you to attend PT for the initial visit without a referral, but you must provide us with the name of a physician that you would like to have your physical therapy plan of care sent to.  The plan of care that is sent to the physician must be signed by the physician within 30 days of starting physical therapy in order for Medicare to pay for services. 
3) If your insurance doesn't require a prescription or you are coming in and paying the cash rate, then the State of California allows you to attend physical therapy services for 12 visits or 45 calendar days, whichever comes first.  If you require additional services past that 12 visits/45 calendar days, then you would need to be referred to a physician to be evaluated.  

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