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Dynamic Physical Therapy : an outpatient orthopedic physical therapy clinic.

Are you certified?

Yes! Jessica is an Advanced FMT2 Certified Rock Doc Practitioner. Karen is an Advanced KT2 Kinesiotaping Practitioner. We took different courses to be able to learn different techniques and frequently show each other new ideas based on what we each learned at our courses.

What brand of tape do you use?

We use RockTape.  We have found it to be the best on the market in terms of effectiveness and lasting / staying power.  Plus, they have patterns and colors which make it way more fun!

You can find out more about RockTape at www.rocktape.com


Taping for a chronic hamstring strain.

What injuries can taping help with?

Your physical therapist will make an assessment if tape is right for your specific issue.  In general, tape can be used to treat (including, but not limited to) : 



joint pain

low back / neck pain

patellofemoral syndrome

plantar fasciitis

postural issues

strains / sprains


How else does it help?

Tape can help decrease stress to an area.  For example : if you have tennis elbow, applying tape can help decrease the stress / forces to your tendon that is aggravated.

Taping for pain around the knee cap.

How does it help with swelling or bruising?

Because the tape lifts the skin away from the layers underneath, it allows inflammation by-products to be swept away more quickly.

How does it work?

Tape lifts skin away from the muscle and fascia beneath it to decompress the area.

Kinesiology tape is widely used by physical therapists and other medical professionals to help treat injuries and improve athletic performance.

Will I be allergic to the tape?

The tape we use is latex free and similar to a bandaid adhesive.  If you've had reactions to bandaids its best to probably avoid the tape.  After application if you notice itching or redness, please remove the tape immediately.  We also have a gentler version of our regular tape for those with sensitive skin.

An example of taping for bruising : before (left) and after (right). 

How long will it stay on?

Tape can stay on at least 5 days.

Can I get it wet?

Absolutely.  We recommend not scrubbing the area when in the shower.  After getting out of the shower / pool it's best to pat dry with a towel. We also have an H2O tape that is stickier for those that are in the pool a lot!

How does it help with pain?

Tape interferes with signals that tell your brain it has pain.  For example : if you hit your thumb with a hammer, your immediate reaction is to rub your thumb.  This is to stimulate different nerves and interrupt the pain signal being sent to your brain. Taping works in a similar fashion.