By Tracy Chuck PT, MSPT

Golf is a unique sport that is enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels.  In fact, participants tend to play more golf as they grow older.  Golf is a great athletic activity for people to stay active and improve their health.  However, the complex and asymmetrical motion of the golf swing makes injuries common.  Tracy Chuck, physical therapist at Dynamic Physical Therapy, has a good understanding of the biomechanics of the golf swing to diagnose and manage injuries resulting from golf.  

The golf swing is a complex motion requiring large ranges of motion from the trunk, hips, and shoulders.  Injuries can occur at any point in the golf swing, from backswing to follow-through. The golf swing produces considerable mechanical forces and rotational movement of the spine. Low back injuries are the most common, often from overuse and poor swing mechanics.  Golf injuries affecting the hands, elbow, and shoulder are usually a result of the golf swing at impact.  Improper swing mechanics and muscle imbalances can produce a greater possibility of injury.    

Tracy Chuck is proficient in developing a program to help an athlete return to golf as quickly and safely as possible.  Physical therapy for golf injuries involves restoration of ROM, strength, muscular endurance, dynamic stabilization, and neuromuscular control.  The return to golf programs are designed to progressively apply forces to the healing structures for controlled return to sport. Golf specific activities are performed to simulate return to sport and assess patient tolerance. Proper mechanics are essential for the golfer to perform well while avoiding injury.  

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